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Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King - Audio CD (2002-06-18) from Get Blues Music

Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King

Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King
Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King (click images to enlarge)
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Description of Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King

Released 2002-06-18

Released by Stax

Available in Audio CD format

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Manufacturer Description

One of the best Blues Albums of all times.

Born Under a Bad Sign dates back to a time when albums were collections of singles, and when singles, designed for radio and jukebox play, seldom ran more than three and a half minutes. That limitation meant that artists had to make an impact quickly and firmly. In blues, the tendency of songs to go on a bit had to be curbed to produce performances with punch and point. There are few better examples of this process in action than Albert King's 1960s tracks like "Crosscut Saw," "Born Under a Bad Sign," and his story of hot whispers during the hot-wash cycle, "Laundromat Blues." With his thick voice and no-nonsense guitar, King brought absolute blues credibility to the well-made commercial single, and even tracks that were recorded purely for the album, like the aching slow blues "As the Years Go Passing By," became classics. Reissued with the original funky cover art, Born Under a Bad Sign is one of the foundation stones of a blues collection. --Tony Russell