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DJ Play My Blues by Buddy Guy - Audio CD (2010-05-18) - Get Blues Music

DJ Play My Blues by Buddy Guy

DJ Play My Blues by Buddy Guy
DJ Play My Blues by Buddy Guy DJ Play My Blues by Buddy Guy DJ Play My Blues by Buddy Guy DJ Play My Blues by Buddy Guy (click images to enlarge)
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Description of DJ Play My Blues by Buddy Guy

Released 2010-05-18

Released by Jsp Records

Available in Audio CD format

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Manufacturer Description

There are guitar players. There are great guitar players. And then there is Buddy Guy. He simply transcends genre and musical barriers. Is he not just the best guitar player on the planet? Inventive...fleet fingered...imaginative ... exciting and `dangerous'. He's no slouch either as singer and songwriter (some of his very best of which is on this album). This album was cut in 1981. It was the third in a trio of JSP Buddy Guy albums. It's felt by many to be the best he's ever done - indeed, it's even been convincingly argued that it's better than any other blues album ever recorded. It just has so much. Loads of that amazing guitar - Buddy cuts loose on every track with no concession to `commerciality' nor `radio friendly' - some great new songs and a cooking band with brother Phil and a superbly recorded `toughness' to the sound. Why did Buddy record for the then little old JSP? Simple, label boss John Stedman phoned him and asked him. It was in one of those troughs when the obliteration of the Blues is confidently predicted. But while we're waiting for the `Next Big Thing' in the Blues world (and he or she is certainly out there somewhere) it's Buddy Guy's time in the limelight and never more deserved.