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Lochloosa (click images to enlarge)
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Manufacturer Description

Florida's Mofro returns with the successor to their critically acclaimed debut, "Blackwater". Their "front porch soul" sound is again represented here, with grooves and anthems that delve deep into the backwoods psyche of songwriter JJ Grey. The music weaves in and out of this piney woods world of undulating joy and sorrow with a rare warmth and sincerity. "Lochloosa", a place in Florida unknown by most Floridians, sings of places you may never visit and people you may never know, but JJ's voice delivers it like a postcard from your best friend.

Originally released in July 2004.

This is an ENHANCED CD: In addition to more than an hour of boombox-optimized barbeque soul, this CD can also be placed in the CD-ROM drive of most computers for a multimedia experience that includes a video of a performance of "Lochloosa" from San Francisco and a bonus audio track entitled "Pray For Rain"

It's got soul, and it's superbad!