Under the Spell by Dave Hole

Under the Spell by Dave Hole
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Description of Under the Spell by Dave Hole

Released 1999-04-20

Released by Alligator Records

Available in Audio CD format

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Australian guitarist Dave Hole is proof positive--if anyone still needed any--that one needn't be American to play the blues properly. On Under the Spell, he combines flash technique with a sensibility that prevents his guitar playing from overwhelming the songs. From the tasteful slide work on the opening "Short Memory" to the wailing solo on "Bird's Eye Blues" to the wistfulness of "Don't Say Goodbye," Hole's playing matches the mood of every song. Variety spices up this album with touches like the folky feel of "Lost at Sea," and both Hole and his band are tight and crisp throughout, making Under the Spell a genuine pleasure. --Genevieve Williams